TUG Meeting Schedule

TUG Meetings represent one-stop shopping for airport users to interact with key players from every facet of the airport’s operations. We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the last month of each quarter. Meetings are held in the Port Authority Conference Room at 90 Moonachie Ave, Teterboro, NJ 07608. Bagels and coffee are served at 9 am, and our presentations and discussions run from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm. Meetings are typically structured around a theme, e.g. cold weather operations, and presenters are subject matter experts in their respective fields. A luncheon of sandwiches, salad, soft drinks and cookies follows each meeting. There is no charge to attend, and all are welcome.

Click on the link below to view the associated meeting notes/presentations:

Teterboro Airport Manager’s Meeting Minutes July 8, 2020

TUG Meeting Notes 17 June 2020

AIS Reform Coalition – TUG Mtg 06-17-20

NOTAM Modernization – TUG – 061020

Teterboro Airport Manager’s Meeting Minutes June 10, 2020

BGA COVID best practices June 2020

Teterboro Airport Manager’s Meeting Notes 10 June 2020

May 12 Airport Manager Meeting Minutes

April Managers Mtg slides 4-7-20

YouTube Recordings of Flight Safety Foundation Virtual Business Aviation Safety Summit Held on April 29-30

Please click on the following links to view the recordings of the Flight Safety Foundation’s virtual Business Aviation Safety Summit held on April 29 and 30.

Airport Manager’s Meeting Minutes, Mar 20, 2020

Airport Manager’s Meeting Minutes -JAN 20, 2020

TEB Stats – Sept Oct Nov 2019 Tug 12-18-19 meeting

AZEZU Routing Presentation- 2019

TUG Meeting Notes 12/18/2019

LOA Meeting Notes – Sept 24

TUG Meeting Minutes 9/18/2019

2019 NBAA Fall Update TEB

TUG IBAC presentation Sept2019

TEB Stats – June July August 2019 Tug 9-18-19 meeting

Aug 14 2019 Airport Manager’s Meeting Minutes

TUG 20 March 2019 Meeting Minutes

TEB Airport Statistics 2019-03

N90 TUG Brief 2019-03

AZEZU Re-Route

TEB Delay Reduction

TUG Meeting Minutes 9-26-2018

FAA RUUDY SID Audit – Sept 26, 2018

TUG 20 March 2019

TUG Meeting Minutes Nov 28 2018


PANYNJ Monthly Operating Stats – August 2018

PANYNJ Monthly Operating Stats – July 2018

Sept 26 Presage Presentation – Go Around Decision Making and Execution

Teterboro Chief Pilot Webinar June 2018


TUG May 16 – NY ARTCC GA Offshore Escape Routes

TUG May 16 – NY ARTCC Oceanic PBCS

Business Aviation Groups – Recommendations for Flight Plan Filing (from April MAA Meeting)

FDIO Departure Fixes and Altitudes 2018 LOA (from April MAA Meeting)

SWAP Guidance for dispatchers (from April MAA Meeting)

Year-End Operating Statistics from 1-17-18 TUG Meeting

Snow Event Summary_2017-2018 from 1-17-18 TUG Meeting

Leading Edge Deicing Specialists Presentation from 1-17-18 TUG Meeting

TUG Meeting Notes 11-15-2017

TUG Meeting Notes 9-20-2017

TUG Meeting Notes 7-19-2017

TUG Meeting Notes 5-9-2017

TUG Meeting Notes 10-19-2016

USDA Wildlife Management 3-2017


TUG Meeting Notes 10-19-2016

TUG Meeting Notes 8-17-2016

TUG Meeting Notes 6-15-2016

TUG Meeting Notes 4-20-2016

TUG Meeting Notes 2-17-2016

TUG Meeting Notes 9-16-2015

TUG Meeting Notes 9-16-2015

TUG Meeting Notes 5-20-2015

TUG Meeting Notes 3-18-2015

TUG Meeting Notes 1-21-2015

TUG Meeting Notes 11-19-2014

TUG Meeting Notes 9-17-2014

TUG Meeting Notes 7-16-2014

TUG Meeting Notes 5-21-2014

TUG Meeting Notes 3-19-2014

TUG Meeting Notes 1-15-2014

TUG Meeting Notes 11-20-2013

TUG Meeting Notes 9-18-2013

TUG Meeting Notes 7-17-2013


TUG Meeting Notes 5-15-2013

TUG Meeting Notes 3-20-2013 (Also see Leo Prusak’s  New York Action Team SWAP Report)

TUG Meeting Notes 1-16-2013

Teterboro Pilot’s Deicing Procedures 2012-2013

TUG Meeting Notes 9-19-12

Comm/Nav/Surveillance Task Force Update 9-19-12

Aeronautical Data Systems – Ergo 360

TUG Meeting Notes 7-18-12

TUG Meeting Notes 5-16-12

TUG Meeting Notes 3-21-12

TUG Meeting Notes 1-18-12

Honeywell Ops Conference NextGen Concepts

RNAV Update 3-20-12

Ops in the NY Center CTA:FIR

CBP Agriculture Info for GA

CNS Briefing