Mask Guidance – Updated June 15th, 2022

Masks are no longer required to be worn in PANYNJ buildings; however, they are recommended.

Vaccination Validity Periods & Boosters (courtesy UV) updated 20Jan22

Continue to advise vaccinated passengers to get their boosters scheduled. For most countries instituting vaccine validity windows, 9-months has been the standard, but we are seeing exemptions to that. If the 9-month window remains the standard, those who got their last jab in April 2021 or earlier are due now if they want to maintain their maximum travel flexibility. However, Israel, which recently reopened, is requiring a 6-month window. Saudi Arabia has an 8-month window. The European Commission is expected to issue recommendations on vaccine validity for travel by early February.

KTEB COVID Update, Wednesday, March 9, 2022

116 total infections, with 116 recovered and returned to work. No new infections since February Airport Manager’s Meeting.

US to Mandate Vaccines for All Foreign Arrivals

The US Government has announced that from November 8, all foreigners will need to be fully vaccinated to board a flight to the US. Click here to read the entire article published by OpsGroup.

PANYNJ Publishes Updated COVID-19 Best Practices Document – December 3rd, 2021

Teterboro Airport – COVID-19 Information and Best Practices Update 12-03-2021: click here.

MedAire’s Insight Report – Security Implications of the Vaccine Rollout

As Covid-19 vaccination programs continue to progress globally, aviation operators need to remain vigilant to the associated security challenges posed in return to operations/travel, especially in the international domain. Click here to read the full International SOS Insight Report.

EASA Issues Guidance on Crew Vaccine Waiting Periods

Hoping to provide more standardized approach to crew vaccinations, EASA is recommending that flight crew members receive a Covid-19 vaccine as soon as available to them and in new guidance states that those vaccinated should wait 48 hours after each dose before returning to flight duty. Click here to read EASA’s Safety Information Bulletin (SIB) outlining this guidance.

AME Guidance Released for Pilots Who Have Had COVID-19.

The FAA has released much-anticipated direction to aviation medical examiners about how to handle medical certificate applications from pilots who have had coronavirus. Click here to read the article.

Bergen New Bridge Medical Center Offers PCR COVID-19 Travel Testing

The Bergen New Bridge Medical Center currently offers a PCR Covid-19 travel test the attached flyer provides specific details of the program and/or the following link will also provide information.

MedAire Releases On-Demand COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Webinar Recording


Join MedAire’s Dr. Paulo Alves, Global Medical Director, Aviation Health and Alexander Smith, Director of Nursing and Director of Health Screening Products. 

In this webinar you will learn about the various COVID-19 vaccines, how they were developed and why we know they are safe. Additionally our experts discuss how variants impact the vaccine and answer some of the most frequent questions we are receiving about the vaccines and vaccination at MedAire. 

Included in the this on-demand webinar are several resources you may download and distribute to your organisation that cover vaccine myths vs facts, the importance of vaccinating, and some frequently asked questions. WATCH NOW
Don’t forget our experts are always available to consult with you and your organisation. 

Travel safe, Steven Jacofsky  |  Sales Account Manager
+1 347 229 6806  |  [email protected]

MedAire, an International SOS Company

With the CDC’s Order Requiring COVID-19 Testing For Entry Into the United States, Who Will I have to Show Proof of Documentation?

By now everyone has seen the CDC’s Order requiring proof of Negative COVID-19 Test Result or Recovery from COVID-19 For All Airline Passengers Arriving into the United States. This order applies to all flights, including private flights and general aviation aircraft (charter flights). Passengers traveling by air into the US are required to have proof of testing regardless of flight type. If you have not read the Order please click here.

What is not clear is who will be enforcing this order and who will be looking at the COVID-19 Test documentation? We asked the question to our Teterboro CBP Office and this is the response we received.

“The CDC is requiring all international arriving passengers to have a negative COVID test prior to arrival. DHS/CBP/OFO will NOT have any part in enforcing or implementing this CDC order. It’s up to the Operators/Airlines/Handlers to enforce this requirement.”

Operators should follow the CDC’s Order guidance and ensure that they have passenger attestation documentation (click here) available and retain it for the prescribed time limits in the event public health officials request it for review.

NBAA News Hour: “COVID-19 Vaccine in Aviation”

Please click on the following link to view the NBAA News Hour webinar recording of “COVID-19 Vaccine in Aviation: All Your Questions Answered.” You’ll have to turn off any content blockers to watch the video, which runs about an hour. This webinar is superb, and is well worth your time.

Harvard Global Health Institute Tool for Assessing COVID-19 Risk by County

Click on the following link to access the HGHI COVID Risk Levels Dashboard, a graphical tool that provides the rolling 7-day average of COVID infections per 100K people broken down by state and county:

ICAO COVID 19 Airport Status

Click here to view ICAO’s COVID 19 Airport Status tool.