FAA Launches Interactive 5G Deployment Status Map

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Report 5G Radio Altimeter Interference

The FAA has established an online form to report any cases of 5G radio altimeter interference at U.S. airports:

KTEB Designated as One of 50 Airports with 5G Buffer Zones

FAA Statements on 5G

Friday, January 7, 2022

The Federal Aviation Administration released the list of 50 airports that will have buffer zones when wireless companies turn on new 5G C-band service on January 19. The agency sought input from the aviation community where the proposed buffer zones would help reduce the risk of disruption. Traffic volume, the number of low-visibility days and geographic location factored into the selection.

Many airports are not currently affected by the new 5G deployment, even though they are not on this list. These include airports not in the 46 markets where the new service will be deployed and airports that do not currently have the ability to allow low-visibility landings.

The wireless companies agreed to turn off transmitters and make other adjustments near these airports for six months to minimize potential 5G interference with sensitive aircraft instruments used in low-visibility landings.

The FAA continues to work with the aerospace manufacturers and wireless companies to make sure 5G is safely deployed and to limit the risk of flight disruptions at all airports.

General Aviation Joint Steering Committee Publishes “GA MidAir Collision Risk” Report

We’ve received the following announcement and report link from the FAA’s Chad Brewer, who participated in a ASIAS (Aviation Safety Information And Sharing) presentation during our Sept 16 TUG Meeting. TUG contributed to the initial study that led to to the publication of the ”GA MidAir Collision Risk” report.

“Hi Dave and Joe:

I hope this email finds you well!

A while back, I promised that I would provide the publically releasable version of the GA TCAS DS report after it was developed and approved.

As of today it’s available on the GA JSC website.  Direct link: It’s also been aptly renamed to “GA Midair Collision Risk.”

Thanks again for all your help with the initial study.




Chad Brewer

Aviation Safety

Office of Accident Investigation & Prevention

Integrated Safety Teams | Operational Safety Analyst

O: (202)267-9353 | C: (202)455-9169

The Rising Risk of Drone and Laser Strikes

Numerous recent articles have been published describing the increasing frequency of both laser strikes and drone sightings. While these articles often cover the entire NAS, we thought it would be beneficial for NY operators to know what is transpiring in the NY-NJ airspace.

Therefore, we authored a paper complete with data specific for NY operators to help raise pilot awareness, provide guidance for pilots should they have an encounter, suggest mitigation strategies, and detail reporting requirements. Click here to read the paper.

The FAA Issued SAFO 21005 Re: Risks Associated with Visual Approaches

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The FAA’s “From The Flight Deck” Teterboro Safety Video

Click the following YouTube link to view the safety video.

Energy Management During Approach

Click here to read this safety article from the Flight Safety Foundation’s SKYbrary archives.

EASA’s 2020 Annual Safety Review

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