2022 TUG Mtgs

March 16 TUG Meeting “Danger Club” takeaways – Our March 16 TUG Meeting featured a riveting and highly interactive human factors exploration of a business aviation incident that could have resulted in a CFIT disaster. OpsGroup’s Rebecca Lougheed and Chris Shieff deftly focused attendees on the root cause analysis, and drew out our collective experience and expertise to identify mitigation strategies that can avoid future such events. Please click here to review the incident, and here to read the “plain English” takeaways.

TUG Meeting Minutes 15 June 2022 – Click here

  • Teterboro’s Airport Statistics and Construction Update Presentation – Click here
  • Teterboro’s New Surface Viewer Presentation – Click here
  • Polaris Aero VOCUS Safety Intelligence Platform Presentation- Click here
    • VOCUS SMS Brochure – Click here
    • VOCUS Flight Risk Brochure – Click here
  • NBAA CAM Credit Letter – Click here

TUG Meeting Minutes 21 Sept 2022 – Click here

  • Teterboro Airport Operating Statistics – Click here here
  • GE-Digital FlightPulse presentation – Click here
  • RUUDY 6 RNAV SID Format Questionnaire Results – Click here
  • New VFR Waypoints for Situational Awareness During ILS6 Circle to Rwy1 – Click here
  • NBAA CAM Credit Letter – Click here