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Press Release: FAA Implements Alternative Air Traffic Procedure for Teterboro

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has implemented an alternative air traffic procedure for arrivals to Runway 19 at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.

The procedure uses satellite-based technology to guide a mix of aircraft along a pathway that generally follows New Jersey State Route 17 to Runway 19 at Teterboro Airport. This alternative procedure does not replace the existing conventional instrument approach which will remain the preferred approach for Runway 19.

The agency started using the procedure on July 1, 2021.

The FAA developed the procedure at the request of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the Teterboro Airport Noise Abatement Advisory Committee. The procedure provides a viable alternative approach to Runway 19 that will help reduce the number of aircraft flying over the Hackensack University Medical Center and the surrounding residential areas.

The new procedure will not be available for use during periods of poor weather, low visibility or high traffic volume due to complexity of the airspace and air traffic controller workload. The best opportunity for the alternative approach procedure to be used is during the overnight hours when air traffic demand and complexity for the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area is reduced.

The agency conducted an Environmental Assessment and held public meetings on the procedure in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA), which requires the FAA to identify and publicly disclose the potential environmental impacts of proposed air traffic procedures. The Final Environmental Determination was issued in September 2020.

HPN US Aircraft Expo – Sept 17 & 18

US Aircraft Expo Will Feature Latest Models of GA Aircraft at HPN

Are you thinking about purchasing an aircraft or just want to see the latest and greatest? You’ll have the opportunity at the US Aircraft Expo which is returning to Westchester County Airport. Leading aircraft manufacturers and dealers will exhibit aircraft at Million Air White Plains September 17-18 from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

The latest models of GA aircraft will be on display where prospective buyers can get up close and personal with Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper, Cirrus, Icon and the CJ3 to name a few. The specific aircraft varies by location and will be announced in coming weeks. Also on hand will be representatives from financial, tax and insurance companies to answer questions that arise during acquisition and ownership. The event is Free and requires Advance Registration.

Register Here.

Sept 22 AIN Event: Building a Sustainable Flight Dept.

AIN Events: Building a Sustainable Flight Department | September 22, 2021 | Tarrytown, NY

AIN is hosting a one-day regional conference on sustainability and the modern flight department. This event will feature industry experts sharing information on how to meet corporate and environmental sustainability goals and a live Q&A session. Keynote speakers will address sustainability-related topics including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), legislation affecting business aviation, carbon credits and offsets, and a step-by-step case study on how flight departments can develop their own sustainability plans.

The following speakers will deliver keynote presentations:

  • Timothy R. Obitts, President and CEO of the National Air Transportation Association
  • Keith Sawyer, Manager of Alternative Fuels at Avfuel Corporation
  • Nancy Bsales, COO of 4AIR
  • Stewart D’Leon, Director of Environmental and Technical Operations at the National Business Aviation Association
  • Scott Cutshall, Senior VP of Development and Sustainability at Clay Lacy Aviation

TUG members can save $100 off registration with code: TUG21 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ain-events-building-a-sustainable-flight-department-sept-22-ny-registration-138501259997


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NBAA Encourages Pilots to Request TEB RNAV(GPS) X Rwy 19 During Night Ops

The Teterboro Airport (TEB) RNAV (GPS) X Runway 19 approach was recently published and is now in use by NYTRACON. Pilots flying into the New York area airport are encouraged to request the TEB RNAV (GPS) X approach to Runway 19, during night operations. The approach was designed to minimize noise impact on the surrounding area.

Flight management systems and other navigation databases should now include the new approach, which was effective July 1. In a letter to airmen, the NYTRACON said controllers would approve this approach based on weather, traffic volume and ATC workload.

“Pilots flying into Teterboro Airport at night are encouraged to become familiar with this new approach and, if the pilot is comfortable utilizing the new approach, request it when all minimums are met,” said Heidi Williams, NBAA’s director of air traffic services and infrastructure. “This approach, which is an offset of the ILS approach to Runway 19, addresses community concerns about noise.”

The RNAV X approach to Runway 19 is the latest result of ongoing efforts between the FAA and industry to reduce noise around the airport, especially at night.

In addition, the RNAV Y Rwy 19 has become the primary approach during daylight operations, so pilots are encouraged to be familiar with both procedures if operating to and from Teterboro.

FAA, NBAA Secure New, Specialized Departure Options for Bizav Flights From NYC Area

July 8, 2021

Starting today, the FAA will begin implementing new routes specifically designed to assist business aircraft operators departing from New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport (TEB) and New York’s Westchester County Airport (HPN), both near New York City, during times of high traffic congestion or severe weather.

Developed with consideration of the performance profiles of turbine-powered business aircraft, the new “escape routes” will only be issued by ATC, with New York TRACON (N90) coordinating with tower controllers who will then verify that pilots are able to fly the assigned route.

The new routes are part of the FAA’s Northeast Corridor (NEC) initiatives under the NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC), upon which NBAA serves. Association President and CEO Ed Bolen personally emphasized the need for the new routes with FAA officials, in his position on the NAC.

Heidi Williams, NBAA director of air traffic services and infrastructure, explained how the new routes will be administered. “N90 will assign these escape routes when able to allow operators to get up and out of the northeast, versus sitting on the ground for excessive timeframes.”

Williams noted the new options for New York-area departures mark the culmination of a multi-year effort between the FAA and the association – a collaboration that remained a priority for both parties, even as the FAA faced a host of pandemic-related challenges.

“Although many programs and activities over the past 18 months were impacted by COVID-19, the FAA remained fully committed to realizing this important effort to reduce departure delays at New York-area facilities most often utilized by business aircraft operators,” she said.

However, Williams further emphasized flight crews must do their part to assist with the process when accepting one of the new departure routes.

“You must fly them as designed; don’t accept the clearance and then ask for direct after launching,” she said. “Operators must also consider their aircraft’s weight and performance parameters, as these routes may utilize steeper climb profiles than normal.”

The new routes will be published to the agency’s Operational Information System webpage Aug. 12. NBAA Air Traffic Services will assist in the rollout of the new routes from the FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center.

The routes will be used on a limited basis, and a fair number of restrictions apply to their use. Pilots should not file these routes. Instead, NY TRACON will solicit their use.

The routes to join the west gate airways are:


RNAV(GPS) X Rwy 19 Offset Approach Implemented on July 1

TUG is scheduled to review with the FAA recent operator and controller feedback regarding this procedure. In the meantime, please click on the following link to see AIN’s article: https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2021-06-24/teb-begin-runway-offset-arrivals-july

Note that NY TRACON has advised that the RNAV (GPS) Y Rwy 19 approach while on a southerly flow will be the preferred approach; however, the RNAV (GPS) X Rwy 19 Offset Approach will be made available upon pilot request.

Operators are advised that the newly published RNAV (GPS) X Rwy 19 approach is unique and offers some interesting characteristics that warrant thorough prior briefing: 13 degree offset final, LP and LNAV minima, relatively high MDA and visibility minima, a Visual Descent Point (VDP), and close proximity to the WABC-AM antenna tower.

TUG would be interested in hearing any feedback from operators that request and fly this approach.

Department of Transportation Looking for NY Pilots’s Participation in PBN Study


Runway Safety Action Team – Aug 10, 10:00

Hello to all; please feel free to forward this invitation to any/all that you feel would benefit from the TEB RSAT information.

TEB Airport Users,

Runway incursions remain a serious concern nationally. One important component of our ongoing efforts to improve surface safety at TEB Airport involves conducting a Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT) meeting at least once each Fiscal year. In conjunction with airport management, we will be conducting a local RSAT meeting on August 10, 2021. The meeting is scheduled for 10:00 am and will be conducted via Zoom (virtual meeting).

The purpose of this RSAT meeting is to unite those individuals and organizations that are actively involved in air traffic operations and movement of aircraft, vehicles and equipment on the Airport Operations Area (AOA). We look for participation from all major airport interests including tenants, fixed base operators, airport operations and maintenance personnel. Participants are asked to help develop recommendations and solutions to enhance surface safety. Those recommendations serve as the foundation for a site-specific Runway Safety Action Plan. You are cordially invited to join us.

Your participation is important and input is welcome. Please RSVP to  [email protected] and/or [email protected]. Please include the name, organization, phone number and email address of those who will be attending; we will also use the Zoom ‘chat’ function to collect participant information.


Gary Palm

Air Traffic Manager, TEB Tower

You are invited to the following ZoomGov meeting provided by FAVES. Optional ways to join are:

Click to Join: 
• Passcode: 518249 
• If prompted, accept the Zoom application as instructed. 

Web Browser: 
• Click the JOIN button; enter Meeting ID: 161 455 5050 
• Passcode: 518249 
• If prompted, accept the Zoom application as instructed. 

Mobile Device: 
• Download the ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’ App. 
• Select ‘Join a Meeting’ and enter Meeting ID: 161 455 5050 
• Passcode: 518249 

Phone Audio Only: 
• Call 1-888-924-3239; enter Meeting ID: 161 455 5050 
• Passcode: 518249 
• Unmute or mute yourself by pressing *6. 

Traditional VTC Room System (Via Polycom, Tandberg or Cisco): 
• Dial/Call the following IP address 161 455 [email protected] sip.zoomgov.com (No Spaces) 
• If Applicable, with passcode: < 161 455 5050 >< . >< Passcode: 518249 > @ sip.zoomgov.com 
• Press #1 to bring up the menu to unmute, mute, change the view and additional features. 
• There are many makes/models of traditional VTC room systems. For an easy ‘how to connect’ your system document, contact FAVES Customer Support.

FAVES Customer Support 

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