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UNGA “Squawk and Talk” TFR Sept 23-24

Courtesy of our friends at NBAA: This TFR consists of an inner 7 nm mile ring, which covers LGA and the Manhattan heliports. Helicopter operations will be permitted to the heliports utilizing gateway airport procedures at Farmingdale Republic Airport (FRG) and Linden Airport (LDJ). There is a 2 nm cut-out that will allow aircraft on an active flight plan, squawking a discrete transponder code, and communicating with ATC to access TEB. The outer ring of this TFR consists of the lateral confines of New York Class B airspace. GA flights are prohibited from this area except for those allowed into the 7 miles ring and IFR/VFR traffic to and from FRG and Westchester County Airport (HPN) – no other GA flights can transition the airspace.


Teterboro Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT) Meeting Highlights

RNAV(GPS) X Rwy 19 Offset Approach – Updated 8-4-21

TUG is scheduled to review with the FAA recent operator and controller feedback regarding this procedure. In the meantime, please click on the following link to see AIN’s article: https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2021-06-24/teb-begin-runway-offset-arrivals-july

Note that NY TRACON has advised that the RNAV (GPS) Y Rwy 19 approach while on a southerly flow will be the preferred approach; however, the RNAV (GPS) X Rwy 19 Offset Approach will be made available upon pilot request.

Operators are advised that the newly published RNAV (GPS) X Rwy 19 approach is unique and offers some interesting characteristics that warrant thorough prior briefing: 13 degree offset final, LP and LNAV minima, relatively high MDA and visibility minima, a Visual Descent Point (VDP), and close proximity to the WABC-AM antenna tower.

For an in-depth analysis of this procedure, along with suggestions for best practices, please visit our Operations > Airspace & Procedures page: https://teterborousersgroup.org/operations/airspace/

TUG would be interested in hearing any feedback from operators that request and fly this approach.

HPN US Aircraft Expo – Sept 17 & 18

US Aircraft Expo Will Feature Latest Models of GA Aircraft at HPN

Are you thinking about purchasing an aircraft or just want to see the latest and greatest? You’ll have the opportunity at the US Aircraft Expo which is returning to Westchester County Airport. Leading aircraft manufacturers and dealers will exhibit aircraft at Million Air White Plains September 17-18 from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

The latest models of GA aircraft will be on display where prospective buyers can get up close and personal with Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper, Cirrus, Icon and the CJ3 to name a few. The specific aircraft varies by location and will be announced in coming weeks. Also on hand will be representatives from financial, tax and insurance companies to answer questions that arise during acquisition and ownership. The event is Free and requires Advance Registration.

Register Here.

Sept 22 AIN Event: Building a Sustainable Flight Dept.

Please note that the early bird rate ends Friday so through Friday tickets will be $99 with the TUG discount code.  The regular price goes up to $299 on Saturday, so the TUG discount price will be the regular early bird price of $199.

AIN Events: Building a Sustainable Flight Department | September 22, 2021 | Tarrytown, NY

AIN is hosting a one-day regional conference on sustainability and the modern flight department. This event will feature industry experts sharing information on how to meet corporate and environmental sustainability goals and a live Q&A session. Keynote speakers will address sustainability-related topics including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), legislation affecting business aviation, carbon credits and offsets, and a step-by-step case study on how flight departments can develop their own sustainability plans.

The following speakers will deliver keynote presentations:

  • Timothy R. Obitts, President and CEO of the National Air Transportation Association
  • Keith Sawyer, Manager of Alternative Fuels at Avfuel Corporation
  • Nancy Bsales, COO of 4AIR
  • Stewart D’Leon, Director of Environmental and Technical Operations at the National Business Aviation Association
  • Scott Cutshall, Senior VP of Development and Sustainability at Clay Lacy Aviation

TUG members can save $100 off registration with code: TUG21 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ain-events-building-a-sustainable-flight-department-sept-22-ny-registration-138501259997


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