Teterboro Construction Bulletin #0321-1 for runway and taxiway closures Mar 1 – 5

Please click below to view Construction Bulletin #0321-1, issued Feb 26, 2020, for planned runway and taxiway closures during the week of Mar 1 – 5, 2021.

KTEB Experienced High Traffic and Departure Delays on Sat, Dec 19

We’re happy to report that Teterboro Airport experienced one of the busiest days of the year on Saturday, Dec 19, with approximately 480 operations! Unfortunately, there were also 150 departure delays, some reaching over 4 hours!

As all of Teterboro’s operational stakeholders collaboratively review this delay event, we can report that contributing factors included: Unanticipated and exceptionally high departure demand within a compressed time frame, volume-constrained departure fixes, an invisible equipment/system failure that adversely affected Teterboro’s ability to process clearances, high volume at certain (Ski Country) destinations that precipitated EDCTs and, in a small number of instances, multiple flight plans filed by individual aircraft to multiple destinations. TUG and NBAA are working cooperatively with FAA ATC and PANYNJ to ensure that practices and procedures are developed and implemented to minimize the likelihood of future such events.  Looking forward, ATC encourages individual operators to file only one flight plan to one destination so as to avoid exacerbating system congestion and reduce the possibility of operational errors.

Teterboro Airport’s 100K Aircraft Certification Form Web Portal

Teterboro Airport has recently developed an online portal to expedite approvals for the 100K Pound Aircraft Certification form.  This form allows aircraft with a MGTOW exceeding 100,000 pounds to operate at TEB as long as the aircraft remains under 100,000 pounds while at TEB.

The portal is available to all operators who utilize Teterboro Airport. Click here to access the portal. 

The data fields mimic the existing paper/PDF 100K Pound Aircraft Certification form.  Simply fill out the data fields, and upon submittal you will receive either an approval or denial email to the email address you provide, as well as a copy of the completed 100K Certification form for your records.

The portal can be used for an arrival and departure pair, or a single arrival/departure depending upon your needs.  If your arrival or departure date changes, simply submit another form and you will receive a new approval.

All data entered in to the system will be kept securely in accordance with the most stringent IT security best practices.

TEB will still be accepting 100K Pound Aircraft Certification forms (click here) via email, however you will likely find the portal to be much more efficient.

If your planned arrival or departure weight exceeds 100,000 pounds a separate form will need to be filled out, which will require a separate approval and a longer lead time.

If you experience any issues, or any have any questions, regarding the portal please reach out to Manager, Airport Operations, Jonathan Seibert: [email protected].

We thank you for your time and use of TEB’s 100K Portal.